The Examination of The Outdoors of Family Health-Care Center: A Case Study In Çanakkale City Center

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  • Alper SAĞLIK
  • Abdullah KELKİT


Çanakkale, health-care center, landscape project, landscape design


The gardens of the health-care centers are areas of fear, anxiety and stress based. In the process of the treatment of patients, these areas have psychological, physical and social significance. For this reason, health-care center gardens should be designed to help treatment of patients. Well designed gardens are important for elimination of adverse effects of clinical environments on patients and helping patients to stay away from the stress by ensuring their social development. It is of great importance to introduce the solution proposals by presenting the current problems of these areas that have serious effects on patients. In this study, landscape designs of eight family health-care center gardens in Çanakkale were examined and then suggestions were presented to resolve the problems that arise as a result of the assessment process. In this way, it is aimed to solve the problems of the patients and increase the quality of life. The scoring table was used to present the current situation and deficiencies of the family health-care center gardens in Çanakkale. Using this scoring table, the family health-care center gardens wereexamined in three separate groups with design features for comfort, treatment and path finding. As a result, it was observed that the health-care
centers are structurally insufficient due to the increase in the number of patients in Çanakkale City Center. This situation leads to a decrease in the available areas of health-care gardens that are already insufficient. Although there are potential open areas that can be arranged in the 8 health-care center located in the Çanakkale City Center, it has been determined that these areas are extremely insufficient in terms of landscape design when their present situation is examined. In this study it is found that the major problem that limits the use of health-care center gardens is that a significant portion of the garden is used as parking space. In the landscaping projects to be prepared and the applications to be made accordingly, the needs, expectations and suggestions of the existing user groups need to be taken into consideration.




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