Evaluation of Urban Identity and its Components in Landscape Architecture

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  • Elif SAĞLIK
  • Abdullah KELKİT


Urban, Urban Identity, Urban Components, Landscape Architecture


Today, globalization, industrialization and technological developments have caused radical changes in cities. As the cities of the world become increasingly similar, the change emerging from the functional and aesthetic direction affects the urban dimension of identity. In this context, it is necessary to determine the “existing” and “missing” of the city by determining the ways of reaching the identity of the city. Within this whole environmental context, density, public space including streets and streets, the relation of urban functions, building and urban open space
associations, monuments, urban facilities are being discussed as the elements that constitute urban identity. Determination of the identity of the city is important for assessing urban life. The aim of this research which evaluates the original texture of the urban settlement on “urban identity” is to determine the urban identity components in the urban settlement and to reveal these components in the city center scale.




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