The Design Principles of Therapeutic Gardens

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  • Ahmet Tuğrul POLAT
  • Sertaç GÜNGÖR
  • Metin DEMIR


Landscape Design, Landscape Perception, Plant Therapy, Therapeutic Gardens


Throughout history, it is known that people have used nature for various purposes in order to find health. Nowadays, many scientists are studying the effects of natural and regulated environment on human health and healing. It has been proven through research that some special landscape arrangements encourage people to be more comfortable and better. The gardens designed and applied to make people feel better in the psychologically and physiologically are called therapy gardens. These gardens offer healing, instructive and self-improving activities based on elements such as plants, land and nature to the individual who do not feel well physically and psychologically and to the urban people. In this study; the design criteria of therapy gardens for disabled children, elderly people and patients have been determined.




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