Role of Climate in Landscape Design and Applications

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  • Alper SAĞLIK
  • Emre ÖZELKAN
  • Abdullah KELKİT


Çanakkale, Landscape Design, Landscape Application, Climate


In time, more conscious studies are being made to increase the liveability of cities. These studies are closely related to the discipline of landscape architecture. Landscape designers, who aim to make quality living spaces sustainable, primarily need to take climate conditions into consideration as well. In the design process, the suitability of the project to the regional climatic conditions is of vital importance. The success of the project’s sustainability from the determination of the material to be used to the issuance of the spatial use decisions is possible with correct interpretation of the climatic data of the project area. In this study, the role of climate conditions for landscape design and applications and how climate parameters should be taken into consideration during a project were examined.




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